Architectural Panel Products Inc., founded in 1994, is a well positioned manufacturer of pre-finished and unfinished high quality architectural grade panel products incorporating both domestic and exotic veneers from around the globe. Our extensive procurement network provides us the ability to meet design expectations at competitive prices.  The incorporation of our extensive knowledge and flexible production capabilities as well as high quality machinery allow customers’ access to incorporate extensive production details and gain design and production efficiencies from them.

Using our broad range of U.V. Environmentally Friendly Finishing Technology, APPI has the means to control color such as “piano black or white”, or a myriad of other striking colors.  For wood products, our ability to include and mix any stain is in our control for each client. One of our more striking capabilities is the production of high gloss polyester type finishes resulting in a sheen of 94 plus.  This very unique capability provides design capabilities which are remarkably high quality at a competitive price and in a fraction of the time normally required to produce this type of finish.  While the high gloss is unique, APPI does possess nearly all normal sheens from 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 as well.  These finishing capabilities can be included on most all substrates from light weight veneer core plywoods, balsa cores, Honey Comb, and foam cores, to all forms of particle board, medium density fiberboards of all types.  To complement all of our finishing applications APPI, has matching edgebanding products that will finalize the details needed to incorporate the use of prefinished materials.

Never more than in today’s market has it become more pertinent to empower sustainable forest products in our designs and production.  For this reason, APPI is certified FSC and is a leading manufacturer of prefinished wood veneered panels using products that meet this very critical certification. Beyond this, we have a strong relationship with leading suppliers of Composite veneers using sustainable and replanted Italian Poplar and African Obechi using superior low formaldyhde processing.

We encourage our customers to use APPI for sampling needed ahead of project timeframes so that we can provide options to enhance the design and control costs.  Our door is always open and we are always eager to serve our customers. Thank you for your time reviewing our information and let us know how APPI can assist in your design and production needs.
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